Past and recent projects.

Past and recent projects

We have worked with public and private sector companies on major infrastructure projects both internationally and Australia-wide.

Department of Sustainability and Environment Recycled Water Business Case

Sequana Projects recycled-water-business

South East Queensland Water Grid Certification

Sequana Projects linkwater-transport

Tugun Desalination Plant, Gold Coast, Queensland

Sequana Projects tugun-desalination-plant

Adelaide Desalination Plant

Sequana Projects adelaide-desalination-plant-800x480

Western Corridor Recycled Water Scheme


Victorian Desalination Project

Sequana Projects victorian-desalination-project

Sunraysia Modernisation Project

Sequana Projects sunraysia-modernisation-project

Murrumbidgee Irrigation Project, New South Wales

Sequana Projects murrumbidgee-irrigation-project

Intelligent Water Networks (IWN), Victoria

Sequana Projects intelligent-water-networks-victoria

Western Water Sunbury Recycled Water Plant Upgrade Project

Sequana Projects western-water-recycled-water-plant

Goulburn Murray Water Victorian GMID ‘Connections’ Project

Sequana Projects Goulburn-Murry-Water-GMID-2

Western Water Western Irrigation Scheme

Sequana Projects western-water-irrigation-scheme

Goulburn Murray Water Strategic Advisory Panel & Business Transformation

Sequana Projects Goulburn-Murry-Water-Project-1

Seqwater Major Projects

Sequana Projects seqwater-restructure

Seqwater Toowoomba to Warwick Pipeline – Feasibility Study

Sequana Projects Seqwater Toowoomba to Warwick Pipeline – Feasibility Study