The <br>Sequana <br>Story

Sequana was founded in December 2019 and is one of the fastest-growing project management businesses with over 70 full-time staff and 300+ contractors operating in all major cities in Australia.


It is the leading client-side advisory firm for large-scale desalination projects and complex water and environmental projects.

Sequana is a centre of project management excellence that is redefining the future of Australia’s major water and environment infrastructure projects.

At Sequana, we offer unparalleled government advisory services across a spectrum of critical areas including infrastructure development, asset management, program oversight, systems enhancement, and service optimisation. Our expertise extends to capital investment strategies and commercial services, ensuring holistic solutions for our clients.

What sets us apart is our deep-rooted experience, keen client insights, unwavering focus, extensive industry networks, and meticulous attention to detail. With a proven track record of working in partnership with all levels of client organisations to govern, lead and manage the most complex water and environment projects in Australia’s history.

Our roles encompass a comprehensive range of services, from strategic planning, business case development to project definition, commercial advice, procurement and transaction management, documentation, evaluation, negotiation, delivery and ongoing operational support.

Sequana is a trusted partner in driving excellence and innovation in the realm of water and environmental infrastructure, propelling Australia toward a sustainable and resilient future.

Sequana Water Projects Albury_Hume Dam

A story starting almost 16 years ago …

Sequana’s founders, Mike Walsh and Frank Fisseler, first crossed paths in 2008 during a pivotal moment in the water sector. Mike was leading the Recycled Water Business Case at DSE Capital Projects Division, while Frank held the role of Executive Director and Deputy Project Director for the Victorian Desalination Project, a monumental $3.6 billion capex mega PPP project.

Mike’s expertise as Project Director for the Complex Business Case led to his eventual transition to the Victorian Desalination Project team, where he assumed the role of Technical and Engineering Director, overseeing engineering, design, construction, and commissioning for one of the world’s largest desalination projects.

During their time together on this groundbreaking water project, Mike and Frank forged a strong bond, united by their shared vision and complementing strengths. Their collaboration was marked by a blend of professionalism and a quirky sense of humour, setting the foundation for what would become Sequana.

Filling big shoes 

After Mike left to pursue other opportunities, he became Project Director for the Sunraysia (Irrigation) Modernisation Project (SMP) in Mildura which he planned and kicked off, and after keeping in touch with Frank over many fun BBQs and get-togethers at their respective homes, when Mike decided to step away from the SMP Project, he knew there was no one better for the job, than Frank.

Frank stepped in and became Project Director for 1.5 years, delivering the project on time and on budget. Together they worked closely in the handover period which Mike masterfully planned, and he stayed on as a mentor and advisor whenever Frank needed support.

The iconic Connections Project was the genesis of Sequana

Mike and Frank proved to be an unbeatable combination, with the skills and know-how to turn even a lame duck into a turbocharged Tesla X.

Mike became the special advisor to the former Victorian Water Minister, Lisa Neville, on the Connections Project, and developed a paper recommending new Governance and a plan for a whole reset of the project.

Creating Success

As Mike and Frank reflect on their journey together, they see it as a story of collaborative success. Their partnership was about filling leveraging their strengths to achieve remarkable outcomes.

Mike’s role as a special advisor to the former Water Minister, Lisa Neville, brought strategic insights and a deep understanding of governance dynamics and what went wrong on this job and brought already a set of detailed solutions for the myriad of issues. Simultaneously, Frank’s expertise as an experienced Project Director added operational excellence and hands-on management to the project.

Their collaboration was marked by mutual respect, shared vision, and a commitment to innovation and the attitude to do what it takes to get the job done. Together, they navigated a myriad of challenges, developed robust plans including the reset delivery plan, and executed them with clear precision, resulting in the successful delivery of the project on time and within budget.

Their story is a testament to the power of collaboration and the impact of combining diverse skills to achieve extraordinary results.


The foundation of Sequana is built on a relentless pursuit of excellence and the spirit of overcoming challenges.

With a philosophy centred on ambition, resilience, camaraderie, and an unceasing desire to push beyond limits, achieving seemingly insurmountable goals is a significant driver and success factor behind Sequana.

Sequana is a business that stands out through its focus on the best talent. All employees work together towards the common goal of helping clients in the water sector successfully deliver complex projects and be represented by exceptional people.

What’s in a name?

Sequana was born over a fire pit when Mike and Frank were brainstorming about their new business venture that was going to do things differently, that would be centred on people, culture and community.

Sequana means goddess of the river Seine, and with its link to water, reflects Mike and Frank’s passion for art, history and culture, adding their signature quirky touch to the water industry.