Sequana is passionate about supporting the communities in which we live and operate.

We have a robust Community and CSR program to support several programs and initiatives to ensure we make a lasting positive impact. While financial support is ongoing, we also take opportunities for our team to use their experience and skills to contribute to better community outcomes in a meaningful way.

Community Partnerships

Some of our community partnerships include:

Darebin Falcons

Darebin Falcons

Sequana is a major sponsor of the Darebin Women’s Sport Club, known as the Darebin Falcons, a pioneering and iconic sports club for women, girls and gender-diverse people.

It is the largest multi-sport club for girls, women and gender-diverse people in Australia, and the first to offer girls and women-only facilities for football and soccer. They are also the only independent, women’s Club in the VFLW, a club with a social justice heart run exclusively by women for women, as well have the largest junior girls soccer program in Victoria with a focus on developing leaders, giving back to the community and having fun –  all things that Sequana is passionate about.

The Darebin Falcons mission is to create a better world by empowering women and girls through sport, on and off the field and they are doing very important work in removing barriers to sport faced by some of the most vulnerable communities.

Common Ground Project

Common Ground Project

Sequana is a proud partner of the Common Ground Project, a regenerative farm and social enterprise on a mission to connect and empower the community through food and farming. It exists to empower agency and access for those who need it most, to create a fairer, more resilient food system for everyone. Common Ground Project also delivers education, training and employment programs to those most vulnerable.

Its Staying Grounded program provides training and employment pathways in farming and hospitality for people facing disadvantages in the Geelong region. In particular, women from asylum seeker and immigrant communities seeking employment. They run 8-week programs for three employees to grow seasonal, organic produce that is then used to prepare culturally appropriate meals each week with the participants. These meals are then distributed to families and individuals facing limited food access through local food relief agencies. They then provide ongoing support to participants after the program has finished, with over 75% going on to find long-term employment.

Museum of Australian Photography (MAPh)

Museum of Australian Photography (MAPh)

Sequana is a major sponsor of the Museum of Australian Photography (MAPh), a public art gallery that cultivates a community that is actively engaged with Australian photography & empowers and celebrates its artists. MAPh is the proud custodian of over 3,860 Australian photographs and provides access to the collection for its community beyond its museum exhibitions. MAPh’s mission is to champion Australian photography & inspire audiences to embrace, explore & value the art form.

Art is a passion of our co-founders Mike Walsh and Frank Fisseler, and in 2024, art converged with something that we are dedicated to as a business and industry, the environment, with the recent biennial international festival of photography, PHOTO 2024 presenting Australian and international artists, exhibiting works that highlight the ways humankind has contributed to the climate crisis, prompting us to take action towards environmental repair as the artists turn their critical lens on new technologies, our environment and the impact of climate change, to contemplate our possible futures.

LUMAS x Sequana Arts Grant Program

LUMAS x Sequana Arts Grant Program

Sequana partnered with renowned gallery LUMAS to develop an arts grant program in July 2020 to support members of the creative community during the coronavirus pandemic.

Seven one-off grants of $4,000 were awarded to artists between July and December 2020, with an exhibition held in April 2021 to showcase the seven unique, original pieces that highlighted water, sustainability and the environment and culminated at this special exhibition in honour of the recipients.
Whilst Sequana operates in the water engineering and infrastructure industry, the team recognises and appreciates the importance of the arts community and made the decision to invest in the creative sector alongside LUMAS Gallery.
LUMAS is all about making art affordable and accessible to people, supporting new and upcoming artists that wouldn’t otherwise get a break at a large commercial gallery.

CSR program

At Sequana, we have a robust ongoing CSR program of activity and work with our team to identify charitable organisations to support and give back through financial donations, fundraising and volunteering, focusing on causes that our team is passionate about.

Social Procurement Policy

Our Social Procurement Policy ensures that the procurement and delivery of goods, services and works is conducted in an honest, competitive, fair and transparent manner that provides positive social outcomes whilst delivering value for money. Sequana supports diversity and equality in all aspects of its business and promotes courtesy and respect.

As a business, we are committed to:

  • Raising awareness about social objectives, opportunities and impacts among our people, peers and stakeholders
  • Creating opportunities for the purchase of goods and services from social benefit suppliers
  • Supporting Government Policy and social objectives.

Where applicable, Sequana uses photographic media from a 100% owned and operated Aboriginal multimedia businesses and proofreading and graphic design services from registered providers listed on Supply Nation.

Sequana is an active member of the water industry and association organisations, with memberships with: