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Trudi Woodward appointed as Sequana Chief Operating Officer.

11 Aug 21 · People

Sequana has announced the appointment of Trudi Woodward as Chief Operating Officer, responsible for driving high performance across all service areas to achieve the company’s strategic business goals.


A versatile practitioner in managing complex high value-high risk projects, Trudi specialises in project governance, strategy, leadership, and project delivery and has over 15 years’ experience in Project Management and Leadership roles.

Trudi’s expertise spans both private and public sectors and is complemented by her hydrogeological expertise and integral data systems experience underpinning Water Management Plans.

Sequana Chair, Mike Walsh said, “The appointment of Trudi is a huge coup for Sequana and demonstrates our continuous drive to appoint the highest calibre performers within the water sector to lead and develop outstanding outcomes for our clients.”

“Trudi’s values, in particular, align with the values of Sequana, which is to create an unrivalled environment for exceptional people whilst influencing and driving a sustainable water industry.”

Highly regarded within the sector, Trudi has been commended by clients for her critical thinking, strength of character, wealth of knowledge and drive and determination when it comes to driving meaningful impact and success for the clients and projects she has worked on.

On her appointment Trudi said, “Sequana is truly inspirational to me – to have the opportunity to work with industry professionals whom you hold in such high regard, and alongside such a magnificent team of highly skilled, experienced, talented individuals is so exciting. I can’t wait to see what we will achieve together – with delivering the most pioneering innovations to our clients at the heart of everything we do.”

“It is exhilarating to be part of something this revolutionary within the water sector. I am driven by enabling others to become their best and deliver their finest outcomes, and this is the most rewarding highlight of my career to date.”

Trudi commenced her new role on 19 July 2021 and has already cemented herself as an invaluable asset to the business as Sequana continues to grow and go from strength to strength.