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Team Stories – Cameron Geddes.

04 Aug 20 · People

My role at Sequana is to design and deliver an internal development program tailored to the individual needs of the team which we also offer as a service to our clients.


I had previously worked with Mike and Frank through existing programs I designed and implemented within the Victorian water industry.

I started my career in water in a different sense; as a SCUBA instructor whilst having a sabbatical from University. I then completed my physiotherapy degree, specialising as a paediatric respiratory physiotherapist before moving into the personal development space.

In my previous roles I developed strengths in the following areas which are critical in the current industry I operate in:

  • complex problem solving
  • critical decision making
  • supporting the transition of knowledge into performance
  • maintaining high performance in a complex and uncertain environment

In each roles I have undertaken, my ability to coach and mentor my student or patient influenced the ultimate outcome and I took this philosophy and applied it to supporting the enhancement of teamwork and leadership skills in high performing teams.


I am passionate about helping people achieve their potential by helping them realise how they can harness their strengths and focus their effort constructively.

At Sequana we are in the process of designing the internal program based on the needs of the existing team. I have been working with each team member to understand their strengths and areas for development and this process will inform the program. We will also be analysing the needs of the associates we work closely with, as we recognise the success of Sequana is based on the success of everyone involved.

Learning and development in the workplace is important for many reasons but I believe the most important factor is derived from the concept of evidence-based practice, a concept which underpinned my practice in physiotherapy. We are living in an incredibly complex world, particularly in this current crisis. Drawing on the experiences of others to support our decisions and actions and then applying the principle of continuous improvement will enable us to excel as a team and our clients will enjoy the benefit of this process.

I was really excited to come on board and work with the Sequana team as I have worked with Mike in various roles for over ten years and with Frank for the past three. I learn from every interaction and I enjoy every moment.

I have worked with a number of different groups and people over the past 14 years and I choose to align myself with those where we have common values.


Working with Mike and Frank (and the rest of the team) is professional, challenging and intense but at the same time it is a lot of fun.

Cameron Geddes – Leadership Training