Sequana Policies

Social Procurement Policy.

Social Procurement Policy

Sequana Social Procurement Policy ensures that the procurement and delivery of goods, services and works is conducted in an honest, competitive, fair and transparent manner that provides positive social outcomes whilst delivering value for money. Sequana supports diversity and equality in all aspects of its business and promotes courtesy and respect.

Sequana is committed to:

  • Raising awareness about social objectives, opportunities and impacts among our people, peers and stakeholders
  • Creating opportunities for the purchase of goods and services from social benefit suppliers
  • Supporting Victorian Government Policy and social objectives.

Sequana will strive to provide and maintain:

  • Demonstrating leadership in its commitment to sustainable social outcomes and economic inclusion
  • Creating and fostering cultures that are inclusive and where difference is valued
  • Engaging and working with contractors, stakeholders and the community to foster positive social outcomes
  • Actively developing, implementing and fostering opportunities for economically or socially disadvantaged people
  • Creating opportunities in our supply chain to purchase goods and services from social benefit suppliers
  • Encouraging proactive and innovative thinking and to increase social value
  • Sharing our good-news stories to inspire sustainable impact.

Sequana in practice:

Opportunities for Indigenous people
Engagement with local Traditional Owners and Registered Aboriginal Parties (RAPs) to coordinate proposed works in culturally sensitive environments.

Opportunities for people with a disability or disadvantage

We will continuously look for and consider opportunities to engage or procure services from talented individuals living with a disability or disadvantage.

Women’s equality and safety

We encourage an inclusive, flexible workplace and workforce in all roles and locations. We promote a culture of mutual trust, teamwork, courtesy and respect throughout all aspects of our business.

Sustainable social enterprise and Aboriginal business sectors
We will continuously look for and consider opportunities to purchase goods and services from sustainable social enterprises and Aboriginal business sectors through organisations such as Social Traders, Map for Impact, BuyAbility, Supply Nation or Kanaway.

Supporting safe and fair workplaces
Sequana actively promotes work health and safety and has a Workplace Health and Safety Policy that applies to all facets of the business.

Frank Fisseler
Managing Partner
Sequana Partners Pty Ltd
23 August 2023
Mike Walsh
Managing Partner
Sequana Partners Pty Ltd
23 August 2023