Sequana Policies

Quality Policy.

Quality Policy

Sequana is committed to providing high quality professional services for the development, delivery, maintenance and operation of infrastructure assets. Sequana key services include Strategic Advisory, Infrastructure Development and Delivery and Infrastructure Asset Management for major infrastructure, systems and services projects.

Sequana provides advice and highly skilled resources to assist with strategic planning, business case development, project definition, commercial advice, procurement and transaction management, documentation, evaluation, negotiation, delivery and ongoing operational support.

Sequana seek to be our clients trusted advisor and partner. Together we aspire to be recognised as a team whose primary objective is to exceed our clients’ requirements and commit to improvement-activities to meet these expectations.

Sequana Quality Policy ensures that the fundamentals of a certified Quality Management System is applied to all facets of the business and in the delivery of all goods, services and works.

Sequana is committed to:

  • Meeting the objectives and requirements of customer’s specifications and requirements as defined in the client contracts
  • Having systems and processes in place to ensure effective and efficient performance (budget, quality, time)
  • Continued development and improvement of our systems and processes by building in learning and review to set a benchmark in operational excellence for infrastructure project delivery.

Sequana will achieve this by:

  • Monitoring, review and improvement of our system through management review, task and activity observations and management interactions
  • Understanding client satisfaction and expectations
  • Carefully selecting Sequana resources to ensure that their education, experience and attitude are aligned with our commitment to quality
  • Providing a learning environment where the growth and development of Sequana resources is actively encouraged and supported
  • Exploring new technologies and methodologies, and embracing these where relevant
  • Setting and reviewing Quality Objectives annually as a form of continual improvement and measuring progress against meaningful s and targets
  • Reviewing and adjusting this Statement to ensure it remains relevant to our business.
Frank Fisseler
Managing Partner
Sequana Partners Pty Ltd
23 August 2023
Mike Walsh
Managing Partner
Sequana Partners Pty Ltd
23 August 2023