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Environment Policy.

Environment Policy

Sequana is committed to providing high quality professional services for the development, delivery, maintenance and operation of infrastructure assets. Sequana key services include Strategic Advisory, Infrastructure Development and Delivery and Infrastructure Asset Management for major infrastructure, systems and services projects. This Environment Policy applies to all functions of our business.

Sequana is committed to enhance environmental performance through the protection of the environment, prevention of pollution, adherence to compliance obligations and the continual improvement of the Environment Management System (EMS).

Sequana is committed to effective consultation and engagement with Sequana resources and clients in relation to environmental matters. We recognise that there are times that we share a primary duty of care with other duty holders in regards to our resources and therefore we are committed to consult, cooperate and coordinate with other duty holders to produce the required environmental outcomes.

We are committed to the continued development and improvement of our environmental management by building in learnings and continual review in order to enhance environmental performance throughout our business.

Sequana is committed to:

  • Considering the environment in the provision of services to clients and all work activities
  • Ensuring Sequana resources identify and control environmental risks in their workplace
  • Preventing pollution and conserving natural resources by reducing, reusing and recycling
  • Enhancing environmental knowledge through education programs and training
  • Meeting the environmental objectives and requirements of client’s specifications
  • Continual development and improvement of our systems and processes by building in learnings.

Sequana will achieve this by:

  • Plan and conduct works to minimise environmental harm
  • Ensure our mobile working arrangements are managed to minimise resource consumption and waste
  • Immediately report and respond to environmental incidents
  • Work strictly in accordance with any environmental approval
  • Carefully select Sequana resources to ensure that their education, experience and attitude are aligned with our commitment to the environment
  • Setting and reviewing Environmental Objectives annually as a form of continual improvement and measuring progress against meaningful targets
  • Develop environmental programs that are relevant to our operational activities
  • Reviewing and adjusting this Policy to ensure it remains relevant to our business.
Frank Fisseler
Managing Partner
Sequana Partners Pty Ltd
23 August 2023
Mike Walsh
Managing Partner
Sequana Partners Pty Ltd
23 August 2023