The LUMAS Gallery and Sequana Partners Arts Grant Program is a joint initiative by project management consultancy Sequana Partners and LUMAS Gallery to support and celebrate the creative community, providing artists with funding and a platform to showcase their work (“Arts Grant”).

Whilst Sequana Partners operates in the water engineering and infrastructure industry, the team recognises and appreciates the importance of the arts community and made the decision to invest in the creative sector alongside LUMAS Gallery.

LUMAS Australia represents over 250 Australian and international artists of various stages in their career. LUMAS’ motto is “Liberation of Art” and seeks to make art affordable and accessible to new collectors, supporting new and upcoming artists.

The Arts Grant Program will award $4,000 to a winning artist each month, commencing in July 2020 and concluding in December 2020, providing a total of six grants.

Each art work submission must have a clear link to water, sustainability or the environment.

Each winner and their work will be celebrated at a group exhibition at LUMAS Gallery in early-2021.

Representatives from LUMAS Gallery and Sequana Partners will be joined by Anouska Phizacklea, Director of Monash Gallery of Art (MGA) to judge the entrants each month.


Submit your entry online here by 11.59pm AEST on the due date of each month, including the following:

  1. Upload of a low-resolution PDF or JPEG image of your submission artwork.
  2. Artwork must have a clear link to water, sustainability or the environment.
  3. Upload 1-page CV or biography, outlining a list of exhibitions (if relevant).
  4. Articulation of how the grant will be used / how it will help support you.
  5. Explanation of your submitted piece and how it reflects water, sustainability or the environment.
  6. If you experience upload issues, please email your submission to and


  1. The submitted works can be unpublished, self-published, trade published or published by an academic or cultural institution, but must be owned and have been created by the artist/s and have obtained all appropriate permissions.
  2. Can include work by one or more artists, who meet all entrant requirements outlined below.
  3. Submissions cannot include found, purchased or acquired artworks, or those not created by the applicant/s.
  4. Must not infringe copyright or moral rights, breach any laws or violate third-party rights of any other person/s.
  5. Must be submitted as a digital copy as outlined above. Physical copies cannot be submitted.
  6. Winner’s artwork will remain in the Arts Grant archives until after the Group Exhibition in early 2021.


  1. Artist can apply on their own or as part of a group or collective of artists.
  2. All applicants must be over the age of 18 years.
  3. All applicants must be Australian permanent residents or citizens.
  4. The applicant must be the artist or creator of the artwork being submitted for the Arts Grant.
  5. The artwork must relate to water, sustainability and environment.
  6. The artwork must be creative, innovative and represent original concept/s.
  7. The application must include rationale and intent behind a particular piece of work/s.
  8. The physical artwork, presented and finished, must not exceed 150cm height and 150cm width.
  9. Type of artwork that can be submitted for consideration – painting, photography, drawing, etching or sculpture.
  10. Multiple artists can submit a joint application, however, they can only present one joint artwork and if successful will share in that month’s prize equally.
  11. An artist can only submit one artwork at a time for the judges’ consideration.
  12. All artworks submitted will remain in the “pool” of artworks for judges’ consideration, unless withdrawn by the artist in writing.
  13. The applicant must own the copyright to the artwork submitted for the Arts Grant program.
  14. The applicant must register online and submit a digital file according to specifications.
  15. The applicant consents to be added to the LUMAS x Sequana Arts Grant email list.
  16. The applicant must grant permission for the artworks to appear in digital and print promotions of the Arts Grant, as well as for the promotion of the event in perpetuity.
  17. The applicant must indemnify LUMAS, Sequana Partners and any other persons and companies associated with them against any and all claims by third parties relating to a violation of intellectual property rights as a result of entering this competition, and bear all costs arising from such a breach, including any damages.
  18. If selected as one of the finalists:
    • Must grant permission for their artwork to appear in digital and print promotions for the Arts Grant in perpetuity.
    • Must be able to provide a 60-second video compatible with our specifications, for showcasing online and during the exhibition.
  19. The judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  20. The judges reserve the right not to exhibit any work if the work is not in their opinion of sufficient artistic merit, technical and formal resolution, or framed/presented appropriately. LUMAS x Sequana has the right to refuse to display any entry.


  1. An applicant can only be awarded one prize once in each calendar year (i.e. if selected as the winner in August 2020, the artist will be prohibited from entering the competition until 2021).
  2. Upon winning the prize, the artist must arrange to post or deliver the physical artwork they submitted to LUMAS Gallery (597 Church Street, Richmond VIC 3121) for the purpose of Group Exhibition in early 2021. Following the conclusion of the Group Exhibition, the artist can arrange to collect their artwork.
  3. The prize money won will be not be paid until the artwork has been received.
  4. Payment will be made into the account provided by the winning artist within 14 business days following the receipt of their artwork.
  5. All monthly winners from 2020 will be exhibited in the Group Exhibition in early 2021, as well as in the catalogue, on social media pages and on the website.
  6. Prizes will be awarded to the entrant/s as listed in the entry form.


  1. An amount of $4,000 AUD will be awarded to the winning artist each month, commencing in July 2020 and concluding in December 2020, providing a total of 6 awards of $4,000 AUD each with a combined total of $24,000 AUD in 2020.
  2. The prize or entry is non-transferable to another party.


  • Eugenia Wilson, Director – LUMAS Gallery.
  • Mike Walsh and Frank Fisseler, Co-Founders and Manager Partners – Sequana Partners.
  • Anouska Phizacklea, Director – Monash Gallery of Art.


Arts Grant will host a Group Exhibition in early 2021 (date and location TBC), which will showcase all 6 winners of the Arts Grant.

Artists can choose to make their artworks available for sale at the Group Exhibition. Guidance can be provided on how to price their artworks.

Their winning artworks must be sent or physically provided to LUMAS Gallery (597 Church Street, Richmond VIC 3121) upon being announced as winners.

Following the conclusion of the Group Exhibition, artists can arrange to collect their artworks.

Artists are strongly encouraged to attend the Group Exhibition.